The Koshare Indian Dancers

Koshare Indian Dancers

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The Koshare Indian Dancers are the members of Boy Scout Troop 232 and Venturing Crew 2230 of the Rocky Mountain Council, Boy Scouts of America. Troop 232 is a Scout troop like many others, and has a full program of Scouting activities, including camping, advancement, and summer camp. The members of Troop 232 may elect to participate only in the Scouting program and a few do just that. Boys from other troops, crews and posts may also join the Koshares, and have done so from time to time over the years. To become a Koshare, a boy must first be a Scout, which means he must have completed the 5th Grade, or is 11 years old, or has earned the Arrow of Light Award but is less than 18 years old.

New members are called Papooses, and begin their Koshare career by working on their Scout activities. Only when they have progressed about halfway up the Eagle Trail can they become Koshares. When a Scout has attained the rank of Star Scout, he must complete these additional requirements to be elected as a Brave in the Koshare Indian Dancers:

- Maintain at least a "C" grade average in school.
- Demonstrate good Scout spirit in his daily activities.
- Earn the Indian Lore merit badge.
- Demonstrate quality in at least five of our major dances.
- Read five books about Native American culture from the Koshares' library.
- Research, design and construct his own authentic dance outfit and pass inspection.
- Be elected by a 2/3 majority vote of the active Koshares.

But, to become a Chief in the Koshare Indian Dancers, a boy must first become an Eagle Scout... and every Koshare is encouraged to become an Eagle. Crew 2230 is open only to those who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Although primarily composed of the Koshare Chiefs and Braves, the Crew is open to any Eagle Scout, whether or not they choose to be a Koshare Indian Dancer. Whether a Scout or a Venturer, Papoose (new kid), Brave or Chief, all of the Koshares are expected to participate fully in an active program of Scouting and Native American culture. Scouts who have achieved Star rank and earned Indian Lore merit badge are eligible to become Koshare Braves; a Koshare Chief is an Eagle Scout who has also met the more rigorous club requirements for that position.