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Koshare Indian Museum

Visiting Southeastern Colorado

In the book The Great Southwest, author Erma Ferguson called La Junta "...the gateway to the southwest," due to places like Bent's Old Fort and the Sante Fe Trail. Located in southeastern Colorado, La Junta is about one hundred miles from the Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico boarders.

The Koshare Indian Museum invites you to step into another time, to experience a culture unlike your own and to take advantage of unique opportunities in Southeastern Colorado. Begin your journey at the Koshare Indian Museum which is patterned after the Pueblo architecture found throughout the Southwest. You will discover that the Koshare Kiva is one of the most unique buildings to be found in this corner of Colorado. Many foreign visitors who come to the museum have told us that their travel brochures have mentioned that one of the most interesting and unusual things to see in America is the Koshare Indian Museum.

Best Times to Visit

Everyone has their own favorite time to visit the Koshare Indian Museum and throughout the year the Koshare Indian Museum has many unique opportunities to be discovered.

June, July and August
During these months the Koshare Indian Dancers perform their Summer Ceremonials enjoyed by thousands of area citizens, traveling Boy Scout and youth groups and tourists from all parts of the globe. The Koshares perform a two hour show with more than twenty dances practiced by Plains Indians being represented. The highlight for many is a must-see Fire Hoop Dance.
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End of December and Beginning of January
The Koshares transform their spectacular Kiva into a ceremonial room to perform dances done by the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico. For over fifty years, the Koshare Winter Shows have become a La Junta tradition. During this time, the Koshares will lower the great ladder from the ceiling of the Koshare Kiva, put an actual fireplace into the center of the floor and cover the room with evergreen to make the whole building smell of pine. The dances performed by the Koshares during December and January is the only time the Koshares will perform these dances during the year.
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Did you know...
The Koshare Indian Museum was built and supported through the efforts of a Boy Scout troop who danced their way to fame in feathers and paint. 
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